The Long Trail Day 22 : Tracking Zero and Tennille
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Team FarSight

Trevor Thomas Blind Hiker
Tracking Zero and Tennille 2015

The Long Trail Day 22

by cyberhiker01 on 06/24/14

We woke up this morning and it was sunny and a bit warmer than it has been.  I think Tennille was excited to start hiking again.  She woke up uncharacteristically early, and instead of eating and falling back to slepp like she normally does while I do chores, she got out of the tent and sat by her pack.  We made good time for our resupply.  I thought it would take us until around noon, but we arrived at the rendezvous spot at 9:30.  While we were waiting for Tom and Kathryn, two women stopped, got out of their car, and introduced themselves.  We were excited to discover we have some fans in VT.  The couple we met on Ethan Allen a few days ago had taken our photo and posted it on the web.  They recognized us from the photo and wanted to meet us.  That was a special treat.  Around noon, we got resupply from Tom and Kathryn, went to lunch, and had another Vermont cheeseburger (very tasty), and the set out for the trail once again. We have now set up camp at Duck Brook shelter which has a cascading waterfall for a water supply.  The only downside is that it is a hike down a 100 foot cliff to get it.  The climb down was not bad, but the climb up with 4 liters of water-- not so much! Tomorrow we have a lot of climbing ahead of us, and we'll be heading  toward the Nebraska Notch.  Each day, as we get closer to Canada, the mountains get steeper and rockier.  It is testing our partnership and cooperation.  Each day we are becoming a more cohesive hiking team.  Tennille has even started changing her line to accommodate my hiking style.  We are supposed to have WARM weather for the next day or so, and then the storms are supposed to return.  We have been really fortunate to have this break from the rain during the time we needed it most.

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Tracking Zero and Tennille at the Outdoor Retailer Show Jan. 21, 2015
Getting ready for the Blind Beer Pour at the SOLE booth
Coffee break at the SOLE booth
Trevor and Tennille outside the Salt Palace

Trevor and Tennille have completed the 500 mile Colorado Trail.  Read about the the trek here:

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The team hiked the CT to raise money & awareness for his charity, Team FarSight FoundationInc., which Trevor founded in 2014.  Its mission is to empower blind children & youth through the development of hiking & other backcountry programs.  The goal is to teach participants problem-solving skills & give them the confidence they will need to be both productive & competitive in all aspects of their lives.  Additionally, the foundation is working to break down barriers between the sighted & blind communities and to challenge societal misconceptions of the abilities of the blind.

Team FarSight Foundation, Inc. is a recognized 501(c)(3) charity & a One Percent for the Planet non-profit partner.  Please help publicize their hike so that they can continue the work of empowering the blind.  Thanks to all those who have already donated.  Donations can be made securely through the foundation's website:
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