The Long Trail Day 30 : Tracking Zero and Tennille
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Team FarSight

Trevor Thomas Blind Hiker
Tracking Zero and Tennille 2015

The Long Trail Day 30

by cyberhiker01 on 07/01/14

I do apologize-- I have been out of communication for a couple of days; as I get closer to Canada the signal has gotten terrible.  Since we entered section 12, the final section, the trek has become really difficult.  The heat and humidity are oppressive, and there is no wind.   It is hard to believe that less than a week ago we were freezing.  The terrain has become less rocky, but there are more roots.  It is still very muddy and the climbs are steep and exhausting for both of us.  It is more difficult for her due to the heat.  Today we ran short on water, ironic in a state that has way too much.I gave the last of mine to Tennille with some Drool Fuel to keep her going, and for the last half of the day I carried her pack for her.  It tapped the last of my reserves for today, which were low to begin with.  On a lighter note, I met 3 Canadians today.  They were  out for a day hike to summit Jay Peak.  Ironically enough, when I met them they were at the summit of Mt. Buchanan.  For those of you who don't know your VT geography, they spent the entire day hiking in the wrong direction!  They took it with good humor when "the blind guy" informed them of their error.  After nearly 12 miles, we reached camp.  I can't remember wanting water more than I did today.  I was crushed earlier in the day when the only spring we found was "invaded" by Tennille, who jumped in and turned it into sludge to the point that I couldn't filter it.  As of this point, we have a little less than 13 miles to the border.  To celebrate, I am making back country fajitas.  Thanks to Laine Rountree Walter for sending me tortillas and Alpine Air for the pepper steak and rice.  It isn't exactly what you would get at On The Border, but it's pretty darn good.  I call it "back country gourmet."  Tomorrow we have a hard 7.4 miles over Jay Peak and will camp at the last shelter before Canada.  On Thursday we will hike the remaining 4.8 miles to the border and meet our ride back down south, beginning the trip home.  Having trekked through knee deep mud today, it is nice to call it a day.

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Tracking Zero and Tennille at the Outdoor Retailer Show Jan. 21, 2015
Getting ready for the Blind Beer Pour at the SOLE booth
Coffee break at the SOLE booth
Trevor and Tennille outside the Salt Palace

Trevor and Tennille have completed the 500 mile Colorado Trail.  Read about the the trek here:

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The team hiked the CT to raise money & awareness for his charity, Team FarSight FoundationInc., which Trevor founded in 2014.  Its mission is to empower blind children & youth through the development of hiking & other backcountry programs.  The goal is to teach participants problem-solving skills & give them the confidence they will need to be both productive & competitive in all aspects of their lives.  Additionally, the foundation is working to break down barriers between the sighted & blind communities and to challenge societal misconceptions of the abilities of the blind.

Team FarSight Foundation, Inc. is a recognized 501(c)(3) charity & a One Percent for the Planet non-profit partner.  Please help publicize their hike so that they can continue the work of empowering the blind.  Thanks to all those who have already donated.  Donations can be made securely through the foundation's website:
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